Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Far Away [A POEM}

[This was written to the approximate cadence of Madonna's song, Miles Away.]

If you could see me the way you see yourself
you might see something
precious - you might get a fright
if you could see
some of the things I've seen
you might feel something
sad - but I'll be all right

If you could see the world the way you see yourself
you might not see something
obvious - that's been there all along
if you could see
some of the things that are happening
stop - the trees are not that strong

If you could see God the way you see yourself
you might realise that something's
amiss - the only thing to do
must be done by you
the only way out
now - is to find another view

If you could see how far away we are
you might see how far we've gone awry
why the only way - to get back
is to start a-changing
changing how we live
here - start the evac

We're far away
from who we're meant to be
we're far away
from the nature of things
we're far away
from who we really are
we're so close
to the edge of the sea

If you want to know
who I am
there's a little bit of magic
and a lot of chaos
If you want to change me
I may become someone I don't understand
I see terrible things
beside the beauty and the sea
and there is some truth in that
worth preserving I think

If you want to know
how far away I am
go find an empty beach
on the most beautiful day
every sparkle
every rushing wave
every grain of sand
under your feet
I'm so far away
I'm so very very close
I'm far away
I may aswell be a ghost

If you want to be
far away with me
there is much confusion
you'll sew you see
so you see, it's so very very far
a starfish on the sand
so very very far
a star fishing in the mind
it's so very very far
to this runner's high,
so very very hard
to swim this writer's tide
it's very very far
with very many casualties
it's far, too far for you

for suicides
there must be courage
for homosexuals too
some strength and will
I'll never know
I'll never never know
I'm far away
so far away

I'm far away
into the sun
warming my back
on a snaking road
it's far away
the black crows laugh
I laugh back at them
I'm far away
The waters sing
and take me far away
I see things besides
the things you see
shipwrecks far away
somewhere you can never be
It's the lonely land
under the sea

I'm far away
in my imagination...

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