Thursday, October 23, 2008

Neoliberalism - what is it?

Bush and Cheney are Neo-liberals. They argue - for example, the case for war in somewhere like Iraq. Using neoliberal ideas, they argue that it will be good for American business. Occupying Iraq will provide jobs and work for a variety of US companies. So the profit motive is key. That's all they see. Everything else is not important.
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Neoliberal policies are often promoted by business-oriented "think tanks" established by particular interests for the purpose of disseminating neoliberal ideology, such as the Fraser Institute or the Insitute for Public Affairs in Australia[2].
eoliberalism supports free markets, free trade, and decentralized decision-making. Proponents of neoliberalism often claim that "higher economic freedom" correlates with higher living standards, self-reported happiness, and peace[3], a claim which is disputed by many economists, historians and social commentators[4][5][6]. Politicians adopting neoliberal policies have often been accused of adopting them as policies of convenience enabling special interests to reap profits from the formerly public assets of "neoliberalised" countries and economies[7].
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