Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Musica, only it's not Musica any more - and Music is now the least of Musica

The Jupiter Drawing Room has - after 14 years - updated Musica's ‘Listen with your soul’ positioning to ‘A World Awaits’. While you can't fault Jupiter with broadening Musica's product catalogue, you're seeing a dilution of what Musica is. It's no longer music, it's basically entertainment. If you're selling entertainment then you need a brand that is an umbrella - and big enough to be one - for entertainment.
Amazon is a good example. Amazon went from books to everything else, and it could because it's an online mall. There is also no name conflict. The idea of changing Musica into a place that sells entertainment makes me think you could do the same thing with Exclusive Books - the question is - should you? Should a book seller sell music 'because it can'? Answer: Not if the name of the brand includes the word 'books'. Same with music.

Musica has probably discovered that for a variety of reasons it is selling less and less music. I know the last 3 purchases I have made at Musica all involved games. But to be honest, I'd rather buy games in a computer shop, where I can get good advice on what specs are required, and where I can buy computer related stuff.

The hard question Jupiter needed to be asking is this one: how can we get people to buy more music? There is a way. One strategy is to make the experience of buying music a more pleasant one. I'd suggest converting the store experience into one that is more associated with listening to music and doing the sort of things we do while listening to music. I'm thinking a dance/club/friends on the sofa experience. This requires some imagination, and some investment. Musica has absolutely none of that - in fact, no atmosphere, nothing genuine, no soul - about it at all.

The store in Rosebank looks like a temporary bomb shelter turned into an exhibit hall. It's only once you travel overseas and visit Tower Records, and the likes of HMV (in places like Singapore) that you realise what we're missing, and what a bunch of unimaginative cheapskates the guys at Musica are. I echo these comments made on

Instead of getting closer to their core business they just move further away from it.
MUSICA STORES are boring to say the least and instead of creating an interactive , valued added enviornment , the TRADITIONAL way of promoting music just encourages people to go home and download.

Their marketing team is perhaps what needs to be RELAUNCHED.

So here you have a nice ad but there is a disconnect between the marketing message and the in-shop reality. When that disconnect becomes obvious, your marketing company needs to step out of their own Oscar ceremony and find a nearby mirror. Or you have to consider the alternative - that they consider the market dumb enough to bullshit. That sort of hubris becomes a costly mistake over time. What is the point of visiting a music store any more?

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