Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Earl Wins Survivor Fiji

Well it was always either going to be Yau or Earl. And Earl was spot on, saying he had to vote Yau off or he would never have won, something that earned Earl Yau's vote as well.

You have to wonder what Dreamz was thinking. Did he really think the jury would give him a million dollars for his trickery? Yes, it is a game, and a certain amount of deceit (for example Earl vs Yau) is to be expected. But there is also honor amongst survivors.

Earl - for the first time in the history of survivor - was voted for unanimously.

The biggest loser, of course, was Yau. That said, he probably came within a whisker of winning. The fact that he didn't make the final 3 is deceptive.

Surprising, I found, was the venom of some the jury members, particularly Alex (virtually shouting at Cassandra), and Lisi.

Earl - as an advertising exec - was always going to be a threat. People in advertising are (meant to be) master manipulators. The good ones do it in a way that leaves you liking them (and respecting them). The bad ones leave you in no doubt where you stand with them, and can be arrogant, judgemental and filled with contempt.

Some of the lessons from survivor:
1) do your bit (people respect a work ethic)
2) don't overdo (don't boss others around)
3) try to be honest
4) don't shoot your mouth
5) listen and learn (this goes with number 4 - to strategise effectively you need to be reading people and situations and finding your own context)
6) anticipate (play your chess moves in advance of actually playing them)
7) relationships are critical (don't burn bridges)

Which can you apply more in your life?

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