Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why do we feel worthless, and is it our fault that we have those feelings to begin with?

Learning to focus the mind can be beneficial when you are trying to treat your depression. Meditation helps to control spiraling negative thinking, such as thoughts of failure or worthlessness.

Often a nasty incident may precipitate a feeling of worthlessness, such as a breakup, or being fired, or losing someone close to you. It is in this area that parents had/have a vital role to play, because it is primarily from parents that we learn our innate value.

Even if they did, and even if they didn't, it is up to every individual to champion their own sense of mission, deciding who they make up their minds to be. This might be according to a low or a high standard. Olympic athletes have recently proved how high those standards can be. And if we fail, we need not think any less of ourselves. It is our standards that determine how valuable we see what we do, and how well we ought to do what we do, and how we ought to be to be who we believe ourselves to be.
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