Tuesday, August 26, 2008

South Africa = Worse than the Wild Wild West

Do you have your holster and handgun when you walk out of the saloon into the streets of South Africa? You might want to think about it. This is a lawless country m'boy.
clipped from www.iol.co.za

One hundred and thirty-three murders - 69 of which were committed more than two years ago - and as yet not one murder conviction.

A disgraceful fracas in the Johannesburg city centre, with Metro police closing off part of a highway and exchanging live gunfire with policemen, yet, two months later, no charges have been laid.

These are just two scenes from a society in which lawlessness has apparently become the order of the day, rather than safety and security.
"If we continue being a lawless society, which is what we are doing, we are well on our way to anarchy. The point is that, as admitted by Johnny de Lange, the deputy minister of justice, the system is not working.
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