Monday, August 25, 2008

Ryk and Rugby

"We underperform when we aren't happy." One way to underperform is for people to put themselves ahead of others who are more talented, in order to gain...what exactly. Nice hotel accomodation, a business class seat on the plane? Unfortunately, some people are around with such abysmally low standards (for themselves and others). Are you one of them?

All this nitpicking about color and transformation and the admin side of sport simply causes a drain in the energies and motivation levels of the athletes. Let transformation and development start at school level, not when you start competing at the Olympics or selecting the national team.

To perform at peak, focus has to be at a peak. What we are seeing instead is a conflict of interest (administrators put their interests ahead of the athletes they represent apparently 'in the name of advancing the sport'. It's obvious that it is really in the name of advancing themselves and their own happiness.
It looks like South Africa will only win one medal at these Games. I don’t think that we went backwards compared to Athens, I think we are not improving as fast as the rest of the world. Something has to be done to improve the support and intensity of the athletes and coaches and ultimately the performance. South Africa has an abundance of talent in all sports, but I believe it is not being managed in the right way.
There has been a lot of drama in and around the swim team the past 3 years. It is unfortunate and I think it showed in some of the performances. You do well when you are happy.
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