Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mythbusters Bust Moon Hoax

I believed for a good long while that the moon landings were a hoax. I think it really happened now. Really. Really. No really.
Have spacesuit, will myth-bust: Jamie Hyneman (standing) and Adam Savage on a parabolic one-sixth gravity flight.

First up for Hyenman and Savage were the myths that surround the photography taken on the lunar surface. In some of the photos, shadows appear to fall in different directions while in others items in the shadow appear to be lit by a secondary light source.

To test that premise, the Mythbusters set about building a miniature Moon, as is documented in the episode.

That's not to say that the two didn't don spacesuits for the show. For their second myth, Savage and Hyneman investigated the hoax about walking on the moon, including how the government shot the footage in a studio and then simply slowed it down for that famous "low-lunar gravity look."

"The moon hoax shares its roots with every other conspiracy theory: the strangely comforting idea that someone is REALLY in charge, for good or ill.
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LOL said...

Wow, you probably think 9/11 was a consipracy too... and you probably voted for Obama... because.. you.. are.. a.. typical.. sheep.. who.. watches.. TV..

I LOL'ed that you thought the moon landings were a hoax.

You need this? Just think about this, if it truly were a hoax, then the hundreds of people who were involved sure can keep one hell of a secret. Moron.