Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Ways to Make a Difference

Bring your own mug to the cafe and carry your own water container (read about the ultra-cool reusable water bottle and coffee cup here and here).
  • Drive less.
  • Drive less. (in case you didn't get it the first time.)

  • Fly less.
  • Walk more, and walk *to* places. Ideally, walk to the grocery store.
  • Start buying food and household products that are only made of things they can pronounce.
    • Collect all of your trash each day and so you can see how much you produce.
    • Try to go a month without making any purchases other than food and energy.
    • Avoid bottled water (read why here and here).
    • Join Freecycle, where you can give away what you don't need and get second-hand stuff for free.
  • Pray.
    • When the activity is fun, good for the environment, and also affects personal health (physically and also psychologically), it's much easier to maintain. So if you like biking, bike. If you like cooking, cook local.
    • Never use your car for a trip of less than two miles. Walk or bike. Notice the benefits to your physical fitness.
    • Swear off plastic bags.
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