Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Low Impact Man: How to Lower Your Impact Now

It is amazing how hard it is, for example, to buy food that doesn't come in packaging., To do this you have to visit smaller markets, and especially fruit and vegetable markets.

A few weeks ago, I asked readers, "If a friend decided they wanted to do something about the environment, how would you tell him or her to start?"

So just in case you or a friend wants to start, here are 50 of the answers, in no particular order and boiled down to their essence. You can read the full versions here and follow the included links for further explanation (and thanks so much to all who contributed):

Read the heartbreaking article "Plastic Ocean".
Buy fewer things. Don´t buy on impulse. Ask yourself if the thing you're buying is something that you really need.
Understand the impact of the products that you buy on the environment, from resource extraction through to disposal (watching The Story of Stuff will help).
Eat less meat (read here to understand why).
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