Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kick Out These Olympic Sports

My suggestion is also that we become less fixated on winning. Can't we also judge winners based on courage and creativity. What about under water swimming? Or Russian roulette (perhaps using very high electrical volts instead of bullets). Or riding a bike with one or more punctures, running with blisters etc.
clipped from www.time.com
USA's duet team of Christina Jones, left, and Andrea Nott, right, compete during the final of the duet free routine in synchronized swimming during the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008.
There's no question they're athletic, these muscled, agile women competing
in Beijing. But the question remains: Should synchronized swimming and
rhythmic gymnastics remain Olympics sports?
The problem with both events, in my mind, is that the girly
bits overshadow the athletic parts. Synchronized swimming and rhythmic
gymnastics involve such copious amounts of cosmetics that they make a Texas
beauty pageant look sedate.
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