Thursday, August 21, 2008

HAYIBO: Refugee centres to be kept open to help close them to open them for closure

Speaking to a media briefing in Pretoria this morning, Home Affairs spokesman Xolani Auslander-Raus explained that the action plan represented a "decisive, clear and concrete" resolution on the fate of refugees who have not yet been reintegrated into their original communities.
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PRETORIA. The South African government has outlined its plan for the refugee camps that were erected around the country after xenophobic attacks earlier this year. According to a spokesman, all camps that are currently open, or not closed, will be kept open, except the ones that are closed, and these will be opened until they are closed in order to open the closed camps, or vice versa.
He said that refugees who were forced to leave the camps voluntarily, and who had chosen not to return because they had originally chosen to leave the places to which they had returned after leaving their countries of origin, would now be required to volunteer to return to camps that were still open, or else camps that were now closed would be opened to accommodate them on condition that they were only open for as long as it took to close them again.
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