Saturday, August 30, 2008

ALERT: Weather Warning for South Africa (Satellite Image)

Have a look at the dimensions of the storm's swathe heading towards Cape Town. That is a monster. Seems as though this is going to be a weekend dominated by the weather in a few parts of the world. In Cape Town and along the Coast huge waves are forecast. Usually huge swells are classified as 5 metres, the forecast this time is 7-10m. That's a 3 storey building.

Weathersa: Extremely dangerous conditions for the development of runaway fires are expected over Limpopo, Gauteng, eastern part of North-West Province, northern Free State, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.
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Gale force westerly winds (35kt/65km/h) are expected in places over the Western Cape. Strong-gale to storm strength winds (in excess of 80km/h) are expected along the Western Cape Coast, south of Cape Point, spreading to East London on Sunday. Very rough seas with destructive waves in excess of 7m, coinciding with spring high tides, are expected along the Western Cape coast, spreading to Durban by Sunday evening. Heavy falls of rain are expected in places over the western parts of the Western Cape overnight(Saturday). Very cold, wet and windy conditions are expected to set in over the western parts of the Western and Northern Cape by evening, spreading north and east to include the southern high grounds of the Northern Cape and the interior of the Eastern Cape by Sunday. Snowfalls are expected over the western high ground of the Western Cape as well as the south-western high ground of the Northern Cape overnight into Sunday morning.
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