Saturday, August 30, 2008

ALERT: Powerful storms, succession of cold front to hit Eastern and Southern Cape Coasts

This is due to an exceptionally low pressure (942 isobars). Put into perspective, the low pressure of current Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf is 971 mb. (Not sure if it is a comparison worth making since the units of measurement differ)

Herald: Waves could reach 10m in the Cape on Saturday and the swells will spread up past East London by Sunday, Wavescape says.

“The points in the Eastern Cape get bigger and bigger all day Sunday, becoming giant, with all but the most extreme-angled bays completely out of control.”
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VERY rough seas, huge waves and fierce winds are predicted for this weekend along the Eastern and Southern Cape coast.

A succession of cold fronts will begin rolling into the Eastern Cape this evening, warned SA Weather Service Port Elizabeth spokesperson Hugh van Niekerk yesterday.

“There is a deep low pressure system and strong westerly winds have already begun blowing west of Cape Town.

“The fetch – the area stretching back to the source of the wind – is very large. Also, it looks like the direction and strength of the wind will be sustained. These are the factors driving the expected huge waves.”

The weather service office has already alerted disaster management authorities and the NSRI.

The low pressure system is illustrated in shades of red changing to crimson with an exceptionally low reading of 942 isobars at its epicentre.

The “gigantic fireball of a storm” is presently looming in the icy Atlantic south-west of the Cape.

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