Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

Some very good suggestions here.
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Quick Cuts

Taking simple steps can help you trim expenses in these five areas. Lowering your bills will make it easier to weather tough economic times.

Energy and Gas Savings

Pump up your tires. Tires lose about a pound of pressure a month, and if you drive with tires that are 3 pounds underinflated, your vehicle's fuel economy drops by 1 percent, according to the ACEEE.

Food and Groceries

How can you save on something so fundamental? It's actually not difficult. A family of four can slash $240 from its monthly food budget by switching from pricey meals to lower-cost options, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The key is to embrace culinary change rather than fearing it.

Buy food less frequently.
Use a shopping list.
Pay with cash.
Buy in season.
Cook cheaper meals.
Banking and Credit
Watch out for ATMs. Whenever possible, pull cash out of your ATM in larger amounts to reduce repeat visits to the machine.
Adopt good driving habits. You'll save a bundle if you stop speeding.
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