Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pornographic Reporting

This idiot is saying to relax and not worry about:
- food shipped from distance shores (we should be growing more locally, and consuming more locally)
- use plastic bags freely (he reckons they don't cause much pollution to make. Maybe, but they sure do cause a lot of pollution after they've been created, whereas paper bags do breakdown and are less unsightly when blowing in the wind
- because the Arctic ice melt has broken an all time record, this twerp reckons its nothing to worry about
Sent this oke to Arkham Asylum please.
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10 things to scratch from your worry list

What I can guarantee is that I wouldn't spend a nanosecond of my vacation worrying about any of these 10 things:

1. Killer hot dogs. What is it about frankfurters? There was the nitrite scare. Then the grilling-creates-carcinogens alarm. And then, when those menaces ebbed, the weenie warriors fell back on that old reliable villain: saturated fat.

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