Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Dolly About to Hit

How will the hurricane season impact oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and gas prices?

At 5 p.m. ET, Dolly had sustained winds of nearly 75 mph and was 165 miles southeast of the border town of Brownsville, Texas, which could see the brunt of the storm.

The storm combined with levees that have deteriorated in the 41 years since Beulah swept up the Rio Grande pose a major flooding threat to low-lying counties along the border. Beulah spawned more than 100 tornadoes across Texas and dumped 36 inches of rain in some parts of South Texas, killing 58 people and causing more than $1 billion damage.

"We could have a triple-decker problem here," Cavazos told a meeting of more than 100 county and local officials Tuesday. "We believe that those (levees) will be breached if it continues on the same track. So please stay away from those levees."
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Dolly becomes hurricane, levee breaks feared

Texas officials warn of flooding; up to 15 inches of rain expected

McALLEN, Texas - Dolly strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday afternoon and was making its way to coastal areas of northeast Mexico and South Texas, where officials worried it would bring so much rain that flooding could break through the levees holding back the Rio Grande.

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