Friday, July 25, 2008

Frank Schleck talks about Alp d'Huez

Frank Schleck – “I’m proud of our boys…”

He lost the yellow jersey by following a team plan but Frank Schleck is content. He’s aware that the job isn’t completely finished for CSC-Saxo Bank but the team continues to lead the race even if he has dropped down the rankings to second overall.

“We had planned that Carlos would attack at the beginning of the climb and that I should attack afterwards but he got away and he took it all the way to the line and deserves everything that he’s earned. I’m not at all disappointed. I’m happy that he’s taken the yellow jersey; that’s the only way that we can win the Tour.
“I didn’t get any orders on what to do. We are professionals and we are friends so I didn’t need to be told how to ride. Things went exactly according to plan and it happened right from the start of the crucial phase. We were prepared to back up an attack from Carlos with one from me, then one from Andy until we made the other leaders tired.
“We’ve seen a beautiful stage today from CSC and I’m proud of our boys.
“I don’t want to talk about the time gaps we need over Cadel Evans; next thing I’ll be asked how many seconds I need to stay on the podium… come on, we had to play our tactics today and we’ll consider what needs to be done next. One step at a time. For Cadel we hoped to try just a series of small attacks and see if he would show any weaknesses or if he would blow at one point. It would have been different. But he never blew so we had to play it this way.”

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