Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Petrol stations should close at night, and we should start rationing

Petrol stations are vulnerable to the newly disenfranchised, the poor, and society's economic losers. Not just for fuel, but also for food. Many ATM's are also situated at filling stations.

We can anticipate more limited business hours, higher levels of security, and the installation of tyre hooks at entry and access points.

Fuel rationing ought to be implemented. Whilst understandably people may not wish to have rations imposed, failure to do so will result in erratic supplies, and looting behaviour once shortages set in. Rationing has been implemented successfully in the past, in various countries during war time. Shortages are imminent by the way. It is not that there we are running out of fuel, it is just that today there are so many people and just not enough to go around. And obviously this trend is increasing, with obvious results.

To the extent that we can accept rationing (in the same way we have adapted to 'load shedding' as a necessary constraint on our activities), we can voluntarily curtail our activities and minimise civil disorder. To the extent that we delay and fail to act, we invite higher levels of anarchy and social unrest - a scenario that can be mitigated and managed if not completely avoided. This will require a massive collective effort, so if you buy into it, spread the word.

From: Dispatch Now 24/7 - Petrol stations could close at night

The Fuel Retailers Association on Tuesday warned that petrol stations need to close shop at night otherwise up to 15 percent will shut down before year-end, Sapa reported.

“It is too expensive and too dangerous to stay open at night,” said CEO Peter Morgan.

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