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Dark Knight #1 and Croc Die-Off #3 on Ohmynews and Rotten Reviewer Stephanie Zacharek's shit review of Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
There's desperation beneath the Joker's cruelty, and Ledger shows it to us in his hunched-up walk, and in the slurry precision of his speech...Ledger inhabits the clown prince of crime, embracing Joker's hard-R American accent, smeary makeup, puppet-master body language, freakish facial tics and brilliantly perverted logic with a ferocity that electrifies every scene he's in. Twitching with menace, Ledger generates a nearly unbearable tension in his encounters, tossing off nihilistic one-liners fast on their way to becoming pop-culture catch phrases: "Why so serious?" - from

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One of the worst movie reviews I've read in a while is this one, on Salon:
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It is so bad it attracted over 7 pages (and counting) of rants against Zacharek (her name ought to be warning enough). Here's a sample:

Why, oh why, do I continue to read Stephanie Zacharek's reviews? Another critic who reviews to see themselves write. Does she ever go to just enjoy a movie?

And, excuse me - maybe she thinks it's clever to give away plot twists, but it's really just another thing that makes her a bad reviewer.

How to be a shitty movie reviewer - a guide for geniuses who know they need help

If you go over to Rotten Tomatoes you'll notice that Zacharek is one of the only critics in the country who doesn't like this movie (as of this letter The Dark Knight is running at 91% positive, an astoundingly good grade for a summer blockbuster). That score (and Zacharek's place among the decidedly small group of critics who don't like the film) doesn't necessarily invalidate her criticism, but it does open up the question of what exactly is she bringing to the table when she sits down to write her review.

For more rants, go here (you might have to register to comment, but it's quick and easy).
The Dark Knight

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