Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Carbon Dioxide Con

A massive international campaign needs to be introduced by governments to address ordinary motoring habits and national power production (particularly by coal) immediately. Countries might elect to sponsor China with nuclear powered plants in exchange for fishing rods, plastic toilet seats, etc. Failure to do so may have dire consequences. Communities need to take to the streets if appropriate measures are not set in motion soon and as a matter of urgency.

All life is literally made out of thin air. The tissues of human beings (corneas, fingernails, eyelashes and skin) are sophisticated cellular arrangements based on reconfigurations of the surrounding atmosphere.

Carbon is such a vital element for life because of its allotropic nature: different chemical bonds mean it can take many different forms, from the hardest known natural substance -- cubic crystallized diamonds (which are transparent) -- to soft hexagonal graphites (which are black), to the constituents of chewing gum or plant cellulose. When viewed under a microscope carbon can resemble up to eight different crystal allotropes.

The total CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by all countries is currently 27.23 billion tons.

Anyone who seriously believes that these extraordinarily high levels of pollution will not have a devastating and catastrophic impact on living systems on Earth need to check in immediately to the nearest asylum.
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