Friday, July 25, 2008

An Arbitrary Thursday

Although I am similar to the Dark Knight in many ways, we are not the same in one vital aspect. I venture out of my cave at night only under exceptional circumstances. Tonight was was one of 'em, and it is amazing to see there is a whole world out there, functioning beyond the street I live in. There are even interesting, laughing people who are fun to be with.

Today I took a core ball to work and used at as a boep dissolving aid. Encouragingly,after about an hour or two, it is incredibly tiring to be on it, and going walkabout or at least standing is what the doctor ordered.

Went to Roxy's in Melville to watch Alan perform. They've added a violinist to their lineup and I must say they are sounding richer, warmer and more matured. I took some video footage with my phone. Will load up at some point I expect.

I watched an excellent flick last night at home - Wall-E. Highly recommended. Charming, clever, and as appropriate a commentary of our time as I have seen, except it is an enlightened and hopeful wisdom (compared to the Dark Knight's brutal and bitter uncertainty).

News of the day other wise is this: Stocks tumble after sales of existing homes fall
And: Multiple ATM bombings

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