Friday, June 27, 2008

Tips for Better Blogging - Webmonkey

If you've taken the plunge into self-publishing, you've probably already learned that setting up a blog is the easy part. Tools like Blogger, TypePad and WordPress make it simple to set up your own site with just a few clicks.

It's the next step -- the branding, promotion and the actual writing -- that's the toughest nut to crack.

If you want your blog to hit the big time, you'll need to dress up your site's public presence. Here are Webmonkey's tips for what you'll need to play with the big boys and girls of the blogosphere. Soon, you'll be swapping political commentary with DailyKos, and CoolHunting will be linking to you. Tips for Better Blogging - Webmonkey

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NVDL: These are pretty good, and it's good to know I'm instinctively abiding by most. Think I have too many widgets though...

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