Thursday, May 22, 2008

Xenophobia spills over into Mpumalanga

The xenophobia in Gauteng spilled over into Mpumalanga on Wednesday.

"When we got to Extension 16 (of of Embalenhle), we found that two shops and a car belonging to a Somalian businessman had been burnt to ashes," said Evander police spokesperson Constable Sibusiso Mbuli.

While police attended that scene, they were informed of violent outbreaks occurring in nearby Leslie and had to call for back-up to be sent there.

NVDL: Please call or email me - or leave a comment here - if you become aware of riots in your area.

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Anonymous said...

Those bastards are no better than the perpetrators of Apartheid. You are no better than the animals that did this to our people during the dark days of Apartheid. You are no better than Craig Williamson. No better than Ferdi Barnard. You are Eugene de Kock.

You spit on our people who died at Sharpeville. You spit on the killing of the Guguleto 7. You spit on the deaths at the Bisho Massacre. You spit on the 27 years Madiba spent in jail for people like you. You spit on the murder of Biko. You spit on the memories of Braam Fischer. The memory of each and every South African who died and suffered for you to have freedom. Every mother. Every father. Every wife. Every husband. Every sisters. Every brother. Every child. You spit on their suffering.

No. You are not just as bad as those perpetrators of Apartheid. You are worse. Because you should know better. This has happened to you. How could you? How the hell could you? You stupid barbaric bastards. You are killing a dream. Our dream.