Sunday, May 18, 2008


Picture courtesy Jason Lee/Reuters

Residents and rescue workers fled the county of Beichuan on Saturday amid warnings of possible flooding from a river.

Experts outside China say many of the threatened dams and reservoirs were built along the well-recognized Longmen Shan fault, and that the dams might have sustained damage that could cause them to fail weeks later.

Government officials said Saturday that the death toll had risen to 28,881. Earlier in the week, they said the toll could reach 50,000. Officials said Saturday that 12.5 million homes had been damaged, and 3.1 million had collapsed.

NVDL: I wonder if these people expected to be doing what they are doing here against the backdrop behind them. Probably if you showed them this picture they wouldn't have believed you. Our world is starting to crumble; it is starting to fall apart.

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