Wednesday, May 21, 2008

USA Starts War On OPEC

House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

The lawmaker said Americans "are at the mercy" of OPEC for how much they pay for gasoline, which this week hit a record average of $3.79 a gallon.

The White House opposes the bill, saying that targeting OPEC investment in the United States as a source for damage awards "would likely spur retaliatory action against American interests in those countries and lead to a reduction in oil available to U.S. refiners."

The administration said less oil going to refineries would limit available gasoline supplies and raise fuel prices.

NVDL: This is laughable, and desperate, yet we can expect it to become more serious and more desperate. America really is becoming strangled and facing death throes and so they are reaching for straws to keep the juggernaut operating. Question: isn't technology supposed to save us? Where's that technology now? Where are those intelligent people who were going to sort this out for us while we continued to consumed and demand? The answer is, the people who were supposed to think about the problem and deal with and find a solution was always, you guessed it, ordinary people like you and me. We knew we had to change, we were just too damn lazy. And now that change is upon us, we want to sue the bastards, fight someone, blame someone. Uh uh. There's no solution except to change our habits, scale down, live more modestly.

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