Monday, May 19, 2008

Tsvangirai will be assassinated within the next 60 days

Despite Mbeki's claim that someone out there has started a 'factory of lies', the evidence is clear that Mbeki supports Mugabe, that he sat on Scorpion's reports and that he was dishonest in his claim to 'know nothing about Thint' .
While in theory Mbeki can be credited with a singular lapse of common sense (meaning his first sensible contribution), it's debatable whether he did not oppose the disbanding of the Scorpions simply on the grounds that it benefited him personally (to the extent that it was harmful to his opponent, Zuma). In any event, the disappearance of the Scorpions occurs at an interesting juncture of the countries criminal evolution - crime is about to reach its zenith both at the highest and lowest levels.

Meanwhile, across the border an arms shipment has now reached Mugabe, the man Mbeki recently held hands with, and is it so unlikely that Mbeki didn't give a direct instruction to the SAS Drakensberg to refuel the An Yue Jiang as online newspaper Canal de Mocambique has reported? The Chinese ship was being tracked by Lloyds of London, however the Drakensberg had radar and satellite jamming equipment on board.

In any event, Mugabe now has weapons for a war, weapons to crush dissent, and he wasted no time deploying his war machine. 40 MDC activists are reported dead, and we are about to see armed military controls increasing all over Zimbabwe.

Morgan Tsvangirai has wisely changed his plans, and so did not return home on Friday, as planned, but one has to sympathise with the man - how can he ever return home given that his adversary has now armed himself? Only if Tsvangirai loses the election can he expect a smaller target on his back, because Mugabe certainly won't let him win. And if Tsvangirai does win, he will be bumped off. Either way, it appears now, he won't win.

And how can Mugabe get away with this? Because his backer in South Africa is powerful. Mbeki must be getting a lot of money from Mugabe to play ball. He probably thinks the Mbeki family dynasty will last a thousand years sort of psychology (based on the paycheck he has received). And all Mbeki has to say in defence of his erratic and frankly crazy diplomacy is 'someone is telling lies.' The question is not whether Mbeki is being honest or not; the question is why is he doing what we know he is doing? Simple. He has been offered lekker incentives to make sure Mugabe can continue giving him even more incentives.

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