Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shoe Shine, Car Shine and Sex in the City

So after gym I am so deur die blare (through the leaves) that in the parking lot basement at work, in the process of trying to create the leaning tower of my dairy, access cards and my lunch, I manage to throw out a small container with my lunch over the passenger seat...and beyond. It basically looks like someone just hurled mince, and mushrooms, and pieces of pepper and onion over my handbrake, gear shift and inside those little tracks that the chairs run on. I try to pick up grubs of meat, but the damage is done. Small curls of steam emerge out of both ears. When I get back my car is gonna smell like beef stew. STOOOPID.

So in my lunch break I went to a valet service at a great garage in Lower Houghton, and had the thing completely cleaned. Even played a bit of golf on a small green nearby. While I was standing there some kid offered to shine my shoes. Why not?

After work I was stuck in a gargantuan ruby traffic jam - I think we left at about 5:45pm and got there at around 7pm. Lots of people, famous names (don't ask me to mention any, I just heard a few gasps), some nice free drinks and goodies. The Sex and the City Premiere was well attended. The movie itself was...let's see...funny, heartwarming, witty and sexy. It's a chick flick, but there's enough porn and hot chicks to make it worthwhile for the guys. Umm...scratch that. It's a chick flick that feel like 4 episodes crammed into one. It's a good movie, good story, but it would have been great if they could have sliced one episode's worth out. I think we went in at 8pm and came out at 11pm. We didn't even stay for dessert. Sarah jessica reminds me so much of my sister.

Classic line, Carrie: I need to get out of this Mexicoma. There's more witty dialogue, I'm just to sleepy to remember any of it clearly. But I like the idea of getting married in a court building, something modest and un-traditional. Oops. I think I've spoiled it for you now. But then again, who in their right mind gets married in the first place? I guess...people who really love each other, that's who.

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