Thursday, May 22, 2008

Peak Oil Panic: What can we do?

For starters, don't pretend that it's not happening. Monitor the situation. My concern right now is that it is accelerating very quickly, and there are already riots in Johannesburg. It's not impossible that this city, including the burbs and the work places where I will be, may be quite different at 5pm today. They might not be, but you and I need to monitor how things are changing, because right now, change is on course to be rapid and take us by surprise. And best to speak and learn from people who have seen this coming - I'm one. But there are plenty of resources that can offer intelligent advice about this:, and No Impact Man are just 3 good one's.

Pay attention to what they are saying. Try to undertstand the systems at work. The bad news is systems will breakdown even further and this will happen more rapidly. The good news is we can start to form real communities now, and together, find ways to fend off the dark.

Today, right now, my advice is:

- monitor the situation
- evaluate your situation
- go to gym, get some exercise (I already have and it's 8:42am)
- speak to family and friends
- don't quit your job but start to consider an overhaul to your lifestyle - where you live, how you live, where you work, what you do, how you get there, how you're spending money, how much you're spending on food, and consider your family's interests
- right now you have to serious manage your money and your consumption, not just of things, but food
- start living healthy now, and try to contribute to the solution by using less of things you don't really need
- monitor your own stress levels; you need to stay strong and healthy in order to function, so get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, maintain a good balance
- be helpful and supportive towards others because we are going to need each other now more than ever
- finally, have some faith that the sun will rise tomorrow, and the next day, whatever happens

I am going to be blogging less, exercising and sleeping more, as I need to address the same balance I've mentioned above.

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Anonymous said...

Please dont disappear off the scene altogether! You have no idea how my friends and I value your blog - it makes us aware of thing we would normally not even have thought of.