Sunday, May 18, 2008

NVDL Rising on Technorati

Technorati places this blog in the Top 10 of South Africa's news and politics blogs. Technorati refers to my Mountain Madness coverage, something I studied and wrote a magazine article on, and also corresponded with The Climb writer DeWalt (who called my assessment the clearest he has seen anywhere). There is also reference to a recent post on Scheduled Post Publishing (on blogger) which is a valuable and I think underutlised tool for those who may not blog at work or during working hours. I'm very happy to see that Technorati also rates my blog for MEDIA WRONG ON MUGABE. This validates for me that this blog is able to quickly and powerfully communicate what the Media often fails to do.

Blogs are increasingly fulfilling a role that others are failing to perform: provide insight, rational commentary and make succinct and helpful predictions in economics and politics when even experts seem incapable of seeing the forest for all their 'belief-driven' focus on individual trees.

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