Thursday, May 22, 2008


China Earthquake survivor. The rescue efforts in China, they say, are having an impact on overall demand. A Cyclone in Mynmar has crippled their ability to supply rice to neighboring countries, making their food dependent overnight.

Johannesburg mobs raid, murder, burn and steal.

US subprime crisis tanks their economy.

As the earthquakes happen, frogs erupt in migrations in China; rivers starved of oxygen.

This is the chilling precedent when the impoverished strike out in desperation and anger. Governments will try to crush the uprisings of their own citizens with extreme force and later, extreme prejudice.

Food at a conventional streetside stall in China. We've become the locusts of this planet, except we devour everything, even emptying out the bowels of the Earth. All of the above images are from the last 4 weeks.

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