Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zimbabwe's Final Hellish Chapter

The MDC now begins a strike action and there will be blood, as Zanu-PF respond to what amounts to political manhandling. Now the lame-duck approach and external intransigence will witness the costs of these hesitant, hands-off, indecisive approaches.

MPs from around the world to debate Zimbabwe crisis
Zimbabwe opposition strikers face police crackdown
MDC activist stabbed to death in Zim
Court rejects MDC demand for results

Meanwhile, is Mbeki a Reporter? When he was interviewed after meeting Mugabe he proceeded to inform us via verbal bullets what the recent news was. Not saying what would happen from here (as a result of decisions, ideas, exercising his own leadership), but as a passive TV spectator. Everything he said everyone already knew, except of course that there 'is no crisis' in Zimbabwe. Ummm...the crisis in Zim was well underway for a few years before the election. Much better to interview the man on the street for some real information.

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