Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Times: How Sharon lost 62kg

Contestants lost a whopping 536kg in total

Losing 61.8kg doesn’t just mean Sharon Haarhoff is a thinner person — it also means she has a new life.

“Men didn’t give me a second glance. I couldn’t even visit the Cango Caves because I was too large,” Haarhoff said yesterday, hours after winning R250000 on’s weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser.

Haarhoff not only shed kilos, but also her “fat person” attitude.


NVDL: That is exactly what we all need to shed - our 'fat person' (wasteful) attitudes. We start to do this by bothering to accept reality at face value, but not ignoring the steady flow of signals, and by responding in a constructive way - and one that is congruent with reality. It may sound simple, but to execute requires DISCIPLINE, EFFORT AND CONSISTENCY. Our 'fat world' doesn't possess these traits in abundance I'm afraid.

Another thing to point out that is once you get through the initial strain of starting to exercise (like a rocket taking off, the first few seconds require the most 'will', and burn the most 'fuel/resources') - so one quickly gets addicted to the benefits and appearance enhancing side-effect of exercise, and in particular - intense exercise. The feel good factor and the sense of well-being doesn't need hype or motivational speaking to convince you it's good and it works. Living it is evidence enough.

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