Sunday, April 20, 2008

We've been waiting for you for 5000 years (PHOTOGRAPHY)

It's warm, and spring is springing in Seoul. At the airport was a beautiful mountage of see-thru green plates, promoting Korea's heritage. One of them read: "We've been waiting for you for 5000 years." Another plate showed a tasteful depiction of a Silla Empire artifact (dated 6 AD). It is amazing to have a contiguous flow of people here over thousands of years. In South Africa by contrast the original inhabitants left (or were killed) a long time ago.

I had a nice drive from the airport after an exhausting 17 hours of flying. I am now on the other side of the planet, in one of the world's largest cities. How did all of this come to be, how did it happen without our ever coming here before or even knowing about it? Phenomenal.

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