Monday, April 14, 2008

One Racist Comment And You're Gone

I'm frequently told I must have one of the best jobs in journalism. When I first heard this I naturally assumed people were referring to my licence to upset politicians every Sunday morning and get paid for the privilege. Then I realised that it was motoring journalism they were talking about. I suppose on the surface it does look like fun.

Empire, Run out of gas - by David Bullard. First published 4 February 2008

NVDL: There is speculation that this article is the real thorn in the Sunday Times' side. If you notice the libterties taken about boardroom comments made, it is the Llewellyn Kriel thing all over again. Never write about what happens inside the walls of work, unless you're pretty happy to start working somewhere else. Bullard will be writing for The Star from now on - that's the rumour doing the rounds anyway.

Will racist tag stick to Bullard?

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