Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Metro police watched Court attack

Biggest SA robbery docket stolen

For about 10 minutes, Metro cops watched the men who had just brazenly raided the Johannesburg high court and removed sensitive evidence related to a R46 million bank robbery.

“The two Metro police had raced to the Joburg high court after getting radio message that there was a robbery there,” said Joburg Metro Police spokesman Wayne Minnaar last night.

More from Sowetan.co.za.

NVDL: This reminds me when I was a teacher at school. I'd write down disciplinary reports and then at the end of the class they would be swiped off my desk. Then there would be a disciplinary report on top of that and from there it became quite absurd. The situation in South Africa (re: the fight against crime) is hopeless. I'd like to be convinced otherwise...anyone care to try? Anyone think they can make a stab at making the case that crime's no big deal, and it's improving?

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