Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Korea's First Female Astronaut lands hard, craft burns, 420 kilometres off target - helicopters need 25 minutes to find it

When she was salvaged from the charred Soyuz space on the Kazahkstan steppe, Yi looked so exhausted that she was not able to walk by herself. ``There was a shock during landing, and I'm having trouble with my sense of direction,'' she told SBS TV as she was waiting to be airlifted by a military helicopter. Veteran crewmates Peggy Whitson of the United States and Yuri Malenchenko of Russia also looked worn out.

Astronaut in Hospital After Rough Landing

NVDL: The craft was actually on fire, the metal was charred, they couldn't find it, it landed MOER of a hard, and it was like wayyyy off course. Sounds like adeathtrap to me.

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