Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jordanian Princesses, Virtual Fish and Runaway Camera Cables

A crazy day that involved meeting Korea's greatest Zen Master ("is the hand holding the cup, or the mind?"), and learning Korea's grand ambitions - to be the next Rome; the centre of the world.

The weather has been crappy - a fair amount of rain - but the day blitzed by for me, the food was good, and once again I managed to get some lovely pictures. Food was good - oh did I already say that - and it was also interesting meeting the other reporters. By my count 5 of the 6 are freelance; just one is writing for a specific Paper. There are two from New Zealand, a Canadian, a guy from Hawaii and an American who is based in China. There's also a freaky sleep-deprived South African...

For me one of the highlights of the day was meeting Robert Koehler, whose blog attracts something like 3000 hits a day and nets him $200 in Google-based revenues a month. His blog is www.rjkoehler.com

It was also quite charming walking along a reclaimed green zone (Cheiong Gye Cheon); a stream that become a cesspool, was cemented over, then they built a massive highway over it, and then they ripped everything up in a massive project and now there is cleanish flowing water in a pleasant space.

There are lanterns all over Seoul, bobbing brightly in the air.

One of the funniest comments today: "Does the mayor have the support of the people for the Dream Hub Project?"
"Well, he is a very handsome man."

Oh ja and in case you were wondering, on my way to picking up the Apple MacBook I'm using to blog this, I encountered a striking hooded figure in the elevator. I asked her where she was from and she said: "Jordan." I said: "Are you a princess?" And she said, "Yes."

I feel like I am living in The Lost In Translation Movie.

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