Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How to drive when the traffic lights are out - my suggestions

Especially at multiple lane intersections, the psychology is very simple. Take Glenhove Road intersecting with Oxford. There are roughly 8 lanes of traffic waiting around in a sto-street-like intersection. For vehicles travelling in a straight line (simply crossing the intersection), the idea is that 3 vehicles pull away together. The the vehicles diagonally across, waiting their turn, they go, three together in a line.

||If you want to make a traffic jam last 5-10 times longer, you have one car going, then another, then one more. Drib, drab.

Obviously this rule (all cars in a row) does not apply when cars are arriving at the last moment to the intersection. This applies to peak traffic. Apply this rule and everyone will benefit. Fail to do so and you're just burning your own and everyone elses time.

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