Monday, April 14, 2008

Food riots to worsen without global action: U.N.

ROME (Reuters) - Food riots in developing countries will spread unless world leaders take major steps to reduce prices for the poor, the head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on Friday.

Despite a forecast 2.6 percent hike in global cereal output this year, record prices are unlikely to fall, forcing poorer countries' food import bills up 56 percent and hungry people on to the streets, FAO Director General Jacques Diouf said.
"The reality is that people are dying already in the riots," Diouf told a news conference.
"They are dying because of their reaction to the situation and if we don't take the necessary action there is certainly the possibility that they might die of starvation. Naturally people won't be sitting dying of starvation, they will react."

By Robin Pomeroy Fri Apr 11, 1:57 PM ET

NVDL: This ought to strike terror into our hearts, because it is the beginning of the most basic premise of Peak Oil. It also underscores the Peak Oil alarmists' call for a return to 'farming'. Meanwhile, some nations won't feel the pinch immediately, or as chronically, but the sad news is, eventually everyone will. This is the beginning of a situation known as 'too many people, too little food'. Protests are how the all-out bickering starts. And we have two major forces operating to sabotage our crop production levels. One is major climate changes, and the second is the failure to run our mechanised infrastructure (because we can't afford the fuel that runs the harvestersd and other machines).

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