Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Destroy Your Most Hated Gadget, Take Pictures (WIRED)

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Your significant other is in a plane on the runway, about to fly to Europe for three months. The two of you are arguing on the phone over whether you'll both see other people during the time apart. You're just about to say that you don't want to see other people when your cellphone beeps and drops the call. It's out of batteries, you're 30 minutes from home and it appears that you've angrily hung up.

These are the moments when you wish that your cellphone -- an otherwise helpful gadget -- had nerves and self-awareness so that you could cause it pain. Now is your chance to get even.

NVDL: There are a couple of traffic lights that I'd like to rev into their moer. My cellphone I've occasionally wanted to torch or detonate. Definitely. I think my most hated gadget is my computer when it picks up spyware. A baseball bat would be awesome.

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