Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zuma is getting warmer, and we're 'warming' towards him: SERIUSSLY

So what if government officials are corrupt, we know they are. But here - this question of amnesty - is a way to prevent Muga…er…bit of slip, Zuma from getting in. Long before the Iraq war was sanctioned/supported, I was one voice saying it was a bad idea. I also think Zuma is a bad idea. Simply because we already know what to expect. Seri-o-usly.

We can expect even higher degrees of corruption and covering up than we’re used to. This is an uneducated man who has already greased his palms. And he shows a disregard for the AIDS holocaust that is killing the people he claims to represent. The amnesty idea - not granting I mean - is a useful tool to prevent him from getting into power, and I believe there are VERY cogent reasons for doing just that. Among them the freedom of blogs like this to differ - and they may no longer exist under a ZUMA government. Zuma tried to sue David Bullard for R6 million. I suppose that’s just a joke. It’s not real right? Actually it is real, and under a ZUMA government it will be more real. Something to ponder.

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