Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Zimbabweans Say Mugabe Will Stay President

The Sunday Times optimistically demands on the front page that 'Mugabe must go', and refers to the vote as though this has any bearing on the election. I've spoken to a few Zimbabweans and they're pretty clear on what they expect. They expect Mugabe to win. Not because he deserves to, or because the locals think he's the best man for the job - but because he is holding all the cards. Because he knows how to cheat the system. My God, are South Africans still so naive to think the election is actually going to be free and fair? And when Mugabe turns out to be 'elected', it's going to be really boring to have people go: "I think the vote was rigged." Of course it was - it was always going to be.

Morgan Tsvangirai has suggested today (Saturday) that efforts to rig the election have been sabotaged. If Mugabe is re-elected we'll know if those efforts ultimately failed.

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