Monday, March 31, 2008

‘Wonder’ suit makes King’s Park debut (SPEEDO LZR VIDEO)

A trick up the sleeve: Australia’s Libby Trickett (formerly Lenton), wearing the LZR, this week became the first woman to dip below 53 seconds in the 100m freestyle
Phelps could beat Spitz’s record
It’s not about the suit [really?]. That’s the view of South Africa’s national swimming coach, Dirk Lange, on the avalanche of world records achieved in Speedo’s controversial new LZR swimsuit.
Of 17 world records in Europe and Australia in the past six weeks, 16 were achieved in the gear.
But, says Lange, world records are the staple diet in Olympic year.
If South Africans are going to star in Beijing in August, they’ll have to do well at the national championships, which double as Olympic trials, in Durban from Tuesday to Sunday.
“I believe if the South African swimmers are not arriving now then it will be difficult to come up with good performances in Beijing,” says Lange, who was at the European Championships last week. “If you’re too far away now it will be difficult to catch up.

Read the rest of David Isaacson's Sunday Times article.

Just the Trickett: Libby breaks the speed barrier

NVDL: Roxanne will be competing in Durban as well, and immediately after flying to Cape Town for a shoot with SA Sports Illustrated.

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