Sunday, March 16, 2008

War With Iran - it's not just talk

I recent article in the Washington Post is the perfect example of American's smoky attitude to Iran. The article is titled: Six Signs the U.S. Is Not Headed for War in Iran and what's interesting is not the article itself but the responses to it:

Dude, You're an idiot. If you been reading the news, The Us Navy is loading up bombs and heading to Iran.
You don't see very well, do you?

You forgot the most important reason and that is the current high oil prices and US economy recession...

The same reasons that propelled the US into war with Iraq will motivate similar adventures in Iran. The stakes are higher, and so are the risks. Iran is the not the walkover that Iraq appeared to be. Has American even 'won' any of their recent forays: Somolia, Afghanistan, Iraq...?

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