Monday, March 31, 2008

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (and she's flat-chested)

For a slideshow of the Miss World contestants (in bikinis) go here.

And she really doesn't have the best teeth in the business. So what makes her so beautiful? Her sweetness. Her femininity. Her quiet strength. And the way she speaks with that gorgeous, cheeky mouth.


Bridget McNulty said...

No way! When she's got a good make-up artist she looks lovely, but she frequently looks like a boy. And that pout! Lordy lord. Drives me mad.

The most beautiful woman in the world? How about Cate Blanchett? Kate Winslet? Scarlett Johannsen? Natalie Portman? Great beauties all.

Your thoughts said...

I thought I would punt someone that the girl next door could claim as being ordinary yet beautiful. No gimmicks. Seems like you gals insist on impossible standards. But you're right, your list - Scarlett etc are beautiful. Natalie Portmann has featured here, but aren't you forgetting Uma and Kate Beckinsdale and um....Anne Hathaway... Look, depending on what mood one is in, it could really be one person one moment and you never know who the next ;-)

Bridget McNulty said...

No man! She's not the girl next door. And even if she was once, now she won't let herself be photographed without pulling the pout pose.
Many men love her. Me, not so much :)

Nick said...

ag nonsense - look at the picture at the bottom. that's with almost no make-up and no pose. I think you're confusing a pout with her keeping her mouth closed (too scared to show her bad teeth). meanwhile, I think the ultimate judges and custodians of female beauty ought to me men. I do think it would be fair on women for example if I started promoting baldness as the new standard of beauty for guys - it would irk women and rightly so ;-)