Monday, March 31, 2008


It's very unlikely that too many people were even up at 7:10am on Sunday. Thank goodness for that. Although I thought the piece was produced well, my stomach turned when I saw the chubby, gleaming headed, nasal sounding me. It's easy to criticise, isn't it, from the comfort of your own home. I've seen people watching Miss Universe or some or other beauty pageant, and grandly go: "She's hot. She's not." Well, betcha they're a damn sight prettier than you on TV.

So it's a good thing to see yourself on the box, or in the box. I think I need to start disciplining the way I speak, because I just mumble along with very little extra effort. It sounds terrible! And since I'm not really going to do anything about my bald pate, what I can do is re-develop the bronzed adonis body I was once blessed with (or something like that).

But something has got to change, and I'm thinking it has to be me.

Right, and that said I am now going to turn off my computer, pack away my papers, grab my keys and jump into the pool. At least 1km coming up...

[Incidentally my Horton Hears a Who story has had over 1000 hits on Ohmynews, pushing it to the top 7 most popular story for the week].


Anonymous said...

if it's any consolation, EVERYONE looks 5kg heavier on tv(even Posh Spice!!!??)

Nick said...

Well I looked like I was 100kg. So instead of losing 5kg |(as I've planned, maybe I need to lose 20kg!