Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've got the flu - Discovery Gave Me 1000 Points As Reward

Okay okay. The full story is that I do have the flu; flu bodies are perculating through my immuno-not so deficient system, but they were injected in. Ja I got my flu shot - painless although afterwards I felt a bit...not so lekker. Not a lot, just a bit. Discovery must see this has a very healthy preventative measure because they give you 1000 points for being so clever. Not sure what 1000 points amounts to in Dollar - hang on, the Dollar is worthless - in Euro terms. Also not sure how much you can get for each time you go to gym. I'm a blue member. Is purple or green better?

Meanwhile now might be a good time for YOU to consider getting a flu shot. One important reason is it might be a colder and harder winter than we're used to simply because the power might not be on on those especially cold and miserable days. You have been warned ;-)

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