Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it possible to Blog Full-time...and er...earn a living from doing that?

Yes, if your name is Danny Kim.

Here's who he is, and what he does:

Born in Korea, educated in U.S. from high school up to graduate school,
A computer science major,
Been back in Korea since 2003,

Worked for a great company named Samsung SDS for about 4 years,
Then quit the great company to become a full-time blogger (the first one in Korea as far as I know),
Known as the "Web 2.0 Evangelist" in Korea for my passion and enthusiasm for the changes related to "Web 2.0",
Blogger behind Taewoo's Log (Taewoo is my Korean name), one of the most widely read blogs in Korea with nearly 6,000 RSS subscribers, covering various aspects of the Web: technical, social, economic and legal,

Enjoying his last year as twenty-something before turning the big 3-0,
Author of the recently published book Meconomy, which examines the new economic landscape shaped by the Web with individuals being the powerful suppliers,
Currently works part-time as the global marketer for openmaru (more on this later), running its English blog,
A regular contributor to Korea Herald on "multiculturalism", starting in late January,

And loves Korea, Music (esp. piano), NBA, all kinds of Asian food, and Jesus.

To visit Danny's Blog, featured on CNN, go here.
To watch Danny on CNN, click here to watch.

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