Friday, March 14, 2008

'Horton Hears a Who' Is Seuss on Crack (+ Animation Competition)

Strange adaptation tries to appeal to hip audiences

While the memory of Dr. Seuss remains in a troubling state of cinematic rape, "Horton Hears a Who" is by far the most palatable feature-film contribution created so far. Granted, the other options weren't hard to surpass ("The Grinch," "Cat in the Hat"), but there's an askew pop sensibility that rings throughout the picture, making it disposable, but not without ample charm.

Living in the jungle of Nool, Horton (voiced by Jim Carrey) comes across a speck that emits strange sounds only he can hear. Placing the speck on a clover, Horton begins to hear the voices of the Whos, the population that resides in the speck. Making contact with the Mayor of Whoville (Steve Carell), Horton is delighted to be placed in charge of protecting the speck and finding it a new home. Standing in his way is Kangaroo (Carol Burnett), who lacks faith that other forms of life could live beyond her perception and mounts a great effort to stop Horton. Simultaneously, the Mayor has to deal with his new reality, while trying to keep the Whos alive as their world is jostled around during the relocation.

Instead of embracing the sweet-natured, slightly curdled innocence of Seuss's imagination, "Horton" plays more like a Looney Tunes offspring.

By Brian Ormdorf. For the rest of this Ohmynews article go here.

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NVDL: Not sure why but the animators aren't able to imbue Seuss stuff with the Seuss ethos. I think it's a question of sound effects, and wanting to imprint actors like Carey and the director rather than attempt to render the Seussgeist.

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